Members in attendance:
Kerry Koskela, Jim Belsha, Russell &Janelle Notturno, Scott Schackelford, Scott Dutro, Alex Jesus, Robert &Tiffany Jesus, Erin Henneman, Dimitri Rodriguez, Richard Gleason, Damon DeRoma & Nick DeRoma, Jason Baranek, Tony Harding, Oscar & Lupe Smith. Hopefully, nobody was left out.

Our beers were welcomed and a big hit with the crowd at this years 23rd annual Exeter Brewfest. They switched up the glasses this year from the mini German pilsner glasses to the short sample glasses. Jim and Kerry provided & set up the 12 tap system once again, cheers to you two gentleman. Oscar Smith and Richard Gleason demoed two different styles of beer by utilizing 2 different methods. Oscar used a traditional step mash approach to brewing a honey lager, while Richard employed his quick extract brew method for his IPA. Both were successful that day, now we just have to wait for fermentation. Both beers will be shared at a future meeting.
Our club members helped out or booth pouring our beers to an active crowd of event goers. It was nice to set up next to our club brothers and sisters from the Fresno Worthogs. Both clubs had a lot of people returning for more. The weather was warmer this year but not too hot. The club handed out stickers and club business cards to prospective new members and made $100 on T-shirt sales. It was a great event. Thanks to everyone who donated beers and helped out. Hopefully everyone was able to relax and have a homebrew the day following the Fest.